The Reds goalkeeper told the Mirror: "I know Rafa well and he will break his own head to find a solution to get the title for Liverpool.

"He has the experience of three seasons in England now and knows more of what is required. We are all aware of how desperate the fans are to win the championship.

After 18 years without doing so, for a club like Liverpool, that's only normal. We all wish to give them that chance to celebrate the title after so long. It's our biggest target for the season.

"Rafa has been successful in the last few years and shown at Liverpool how he can pick teams, change formations and win knock-out games.

"Look at how we've done in the Champions League, winning the FA Cup and getting to the Carling Cup Final as well. It's not easy to win a European Cup in your first season at a club and Rafa did that.

"That will serve him well in the future. He is someone who will always keep learning how English football is and learn from his 'mistakes' - if that's what you want to call them.

"But I wouldn't call them mistakes, because he doesn't make many at all. He is a really seasoned manager, who is always looking for the right solutions, and he will find them."