QPR boss Harry Redknapp says he's prepared to stay if they go down.

He has turned his back on agents offering him 'championship ­players'.

And Redknapp laughs off ­suggestions the pressure is ­getting to him, saying: "I don't have a grey hair on my head, and I don't use that dye, either, to cover it!

"I still love this job, I don't really think about not doing this job, I enjoy it. If I didn't enjoy what I do I would pack up.

"It is up to the chairman and board what they want to do if we go down. And ­whatever they want to do is fine with me.

"If they say they are ­looking to go another way then it would not be a problem. I like it here and I am happy. I don't even think about going down. It doesn't enter my mind.

"I don't think about the ­Championship. People ring me up about players and ask what sort of players I am looking for. And I'm not talking about ­Championship players, I want Premier League players for next season.

"Agents call about players for next year but I'm not even ­thinking that far ahead. You can't plan anything until you know where you are.

"Until that changes, I'm still ­confident we are going to do it."