Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp slammed Chelsea's performance in defeat to Basel last night. Redknapp questioned Jose Mourinho's team system for the 2-1 shock.

He told Sky Sports: "If it wasn't for Jose Mourinho you would probably be thinking 'What is this guy up to? What's their identity? What's their best system? How do they play?'

"I've watched them from the start of the season and I've seen so many players in different positions. No Mata, I still can't believe he doesn't pick him. When I think about Chelsea retaining the ball and people comfortable on the ball he has to play.

"I don't think Jose really knows what his best team is. When you play football it's about building relationships, be it centre backs, midfielders, wide men, front men, at the moment nobody can develop any relationships because they don't know who's going to play or what team it's going to be.

"But I think at the moment there is no real system to how they are playing, so many different players. Where's Schurrle? De Bruyne? So many players we saw at the start of the season and we've not seen him since."