Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp has revealed how he turned down the chance to sign Arsenal legend Ian Wright for Bournemouth.

Redknapp recalled to the Daily Mail: "I remember one Bank Holiday Monday and my wife, Sandra, fancied a day out together. So I told her I was going to Nuneaton to watch a centre forward called Carl Richards, a big, handsome boy who looked like Carl Lewis - and ran like him. I called him over after the game. He had never heard of me, but I told him I would sign him, offered him £220-a-week and then went to see his manager to do the deal with Enfield.

"While I was waiting, Carl's mate came up to me and said, 'Don't sign him, sign me. I'm a much better player'. I signed Carl, ignored the other bloke. His mate was Ian Wright... "

Redknapp added: "Carl Richards was brilliant, Bournemouth won promotion and we sold him for £80,000 the following season to Birmingham. There are a million stories like that, but that's what I love about the transfer market."