Harry Redknapp believes he is in charge of the Portsmouth team in "50 years".

After their 0-0 draw with Everton, Redknapp said: "The 7-4 against Reading was a freak game. Everton scored seven last week, but they couldn't score against us. We looked strong defensively.

"You look at them. (Ayegbeni) Yakubu was £12million, Andy Johnson £8million. They are quality players up front but this time they defended well.

"I'm not saying I haven't spent a lot as well this season but I got Kanu from...where? Nowhere really. I sold Gary O'Neil (to Middlesbrough) even though I liked him when he was here and brought big Papa Diop to balance things up.

"And this is the best team Portsmouth has had in 50 years. We are in the best position in 50 years, 10 games unbeaten, only two defeats - against Arsenal and Chelsea.

"Whatever I've done, I've done it right, haven't I? I knew I'd lose players to the African Cup when I signed them but it was worth a gamble if it puts us where we are now, with 27 points at this stage of the season."