Real Madrid striker Ruud van Nistelrooy says there was no chance he'd follow Robinho to Manchester City.

"For me it's not very important because I prefer to be at this club, I feel good here," said Van Nistelrooy on Thursday.

"I've read it, but nothing's been said to me. In England things like this come out. Players think of other things as well as money."

With regards to Robinho's move to City, Van Nistelrooy admits it came as something of a surprise with Chelsea appearing to be the favourites for the Brazilian's signature.

"Every player has their motives (for moving) and I think that we have to respect their decisions. I hope Robinho does very well because I like him very much as a person," Van Nistelrooy added.

"He's always been good, always with the team and the team with him. This is very important.

"For me it was a surprise because I thought he would go to Chelsea, but it's his decision and I totally respect it."