Real Madrid winger Arjen Robben insists it was difficult to leave Chelsea.

"I have some contact with the players, but for me it was difficult to leave because I had a great time in my three great years at Chelsea and I think I made a lot of friend's as well," Robben told Chelsea TV.

"It was difficult because there was no time to say goodbye, because the deal was closed on the Wednesday at ten o'clock in the evening and the following morning I had to fly so there was no time to say goodbye, I only spoke to them on the phone."

"If I have time I would want to come back and say goodbye," said Robben, "to the supporters as well but I don't know if I'll have a chance because at Chelsea the programme is as busy as it is here, we play a lot of games at the weekend and mid-week as well.

"So if I have one day off I would want to come back and say goodbye to everybody because I think it is important. To the fans I owe a big thank you because they were always good to me, I always had great support off them and I had a good relationship with them as well,' he added.

"In my three years I won all the prizes there are to win in England. The FA Cup we won in the end, the Carling Cup twice, the League twice, the Community Shield, so for me that was the highlights."