Real Madrid players are convinced they have Barcelona rattled in the title race. AS says after winning 5-1 at Tenerife, Real players were following the late game between Barca and Malaga.

Real players were convinced Malaga were going to take two points off the leaders before Lionel Messi's late winner.

"It was Messi," said Sergio Ramos to inquiring teammates at the airport check-in.

"Oh, what bad luck," was the phrase many Real players used when learning of the Argentine's goal. Then one declared: "With every game, it's getting tougher for Barca to win!"

Cristiano Ronaldo even managed to wind-up his teammates disappointed about Messi's strike.

In a moment of silence, Ronaldo put his hand up with his mobile phone sheepishly saying: "2-2 Malaga! ... oh no, I'm wrong ..."