Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo admits meeting with Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson last week. Ferguson enthused about Ronaldo's performance in Real's 1-1 Champions League draw with City and though the United manager took the opportunity to renew their old acquaintance and also his friendship with Jose Mourinho in the Spanish team's hotel before the game, the subject of a possible return to United never arose.

"He came to the hotel to speak with Mourinho and, of course, I spoke with him, too," the player said.

"We didn't speak about that [returning to United]. We just spoke about his moment with Manchester United and mine with Real Madrid. We were just happy to see each other.

"I have enjoyed coming back to Manchester. When we arrived at the airport I was so happy. I had a beautiful story here in Manchester so it was nice to see all the fans and a few Manchester United shirts, too - I am always happy to be here."