Real Madrid skipper Iker Casillas is proud to have won the Euros title with Spain.

Casillas only conceded one goal during the tournament.

"I guess every Spaniard is happy right now. We make what's hard seem easy. People may think it was a breeze because we won 4-0, but the entire tournament was hard and we are worthy champions. The merit belongs to all of us and we must now enjoy the moment.

"We used our characteristics well and adapted to the pitch. Italy were tired and we killed the game with Jordi Alba's goal and the third strike. This is the result of the work we've been doing for years with all the coaches who also made us champions with Spain's youth teams. It is a pleasure to be part of this time in the history of the national team and Spanish football. It will be difficult to experience this again. Now we must rest because the season has been long and tough."