Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has revealed how one confrontation with a former teacher has stuck with him.

Mou says that "it is more and more difficult to be a coach".

He revealed in Ronda Iberia Magazine: "I remember a conversation I had with a teacher on my first day at university. I was a very annoying student, I realise that. With subjects that I liked I went into great detail, really testing the teachers. But I hated the things that I did not find interesting. On my first day of classes at the 'Universidad de Educación Física de Lisboa' (Physical Education University of Lisbon) I had one of these subjects. I told the teacher: 'I am studying to be football coach and I know not what I am doing in your class'. The teacher replied: 'If you want to be a great football coach then you can't only know about football'. He was right."