Real Madrid chief Mijatovic: Title won in competitive Liga

Real Madrid sports chief Pedja Mijatovic has dismissed claims their championship triumph is tarnished because of the Primera Liga's fall in status this season.

After victory at Osasuna, Mijatovic said: "It was a very hard game that forced us to suffer until the end. The title is rightfully ours and in addition I consider us the best team all year with a great difference compared to the rest.

"Also, I want to stress that the Spanish Liga is very competitive, for that reason the commentators who say that the Liga is not good or has been weakened, I say to them they're wrong.

"I must congratulate all our players and (coach) Bernd Schuster because they have done phenomenal work all season.

"I have been able to see an exceptional atmosphere in the dressing room and they deserve this back-to-back success. It's special because we haven't done it for a long time."

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