Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas insists he's no locker room mole. There have been suggestions in the Spanish media that Real captain Casillas had divulged team secrets because he was involved in a power struggle with Mourinho.

But Casillas wrote on Facebook: "Over the past few months, without wanting it, I've been linked to a number of affairs.

"One day they were saying I didn't encourage my teammate Cristiano Ronaldo (it's harder to find someone who admires him more than me)..., another time I'm a mole and I leak information.

"After 13 years spent in the greatest club in the world it's quite simply unwarranted.

"It was said 'Mou' and me couldn't stand each other (if there is someone I respect more than anyone it's my manager who has succeeded in getting Real Madrid back on the path to success)."