Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho says he intends to return to England - after his contract expires in 2016.

Mou spent three productive years at Chelsea between 2004 and 2007, guiding the club to back-to-back league titles and six trophies in all.

"If we don't win the Champions League this year, we will win it next season," he told France Football. "If I won it would I leave Real? No. I will only leave if I am thrown out.

"When I sign a contract, I sign it with the intention of fulfilling it, with the intention of building and laying the foundations for my successor.

"Would I go back to England one day? Yes, for sure.

"Without trying to predict the future, I admit I would go back to England but only after I am finished at Real. No earlier than 2016.

"I like it where I am, I am fine here. That is the truth."