Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insists new signing Luka Modric will see plenty of action. It's been questioned where the former Tottenham midfielder will fit in Mourinho's plans.

"He is in a normal physical condition for someone who hasn't trained with his team in a while or even played a lot. He has got minutes under his belt for his national team but nothing else. I think that, given his profile, he won't need a lot of time to get himself into shape. I think he'll be ready shortly," said Mourinho.

In relation to the position he will take on the field, he joked: "Wherever he feels uncomfortable."

Mou continued: "When we sign a player we know where he feels comfortable, and why we wanted to sign him and why we have taken such a long time. He was our number one target. We know what his game is all about and what his favourite position is. He will play in a position that he calls his own. He certainly won't be playing as a number 9 or a left-back."