Real Madrid boss Mourinho denies tension between staff and players

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insists there's a close relationship between staff and players.

Mourinho blasted his team after defeat to Sevilla on Saturday.

But he insisted yesterday: "It is impossible to improve the relationship that I have between the players and technical staff. I don’t think that there are any lingering doubts.

"I believe that I am the one to blame because I haven’t instilled the right motivation into my team and I repeat that, for my teams, when we win, we win as a team and when we lose, I am the one to blame. If there are any lingering doubts, get rid of them now.

"For there to be less, I had already told the players what I said in Seville at the press conference before we lost the game, not after. In football, people forget about what you have achieved in the past. Football is about the present and the future, but the trophies you have won in the past get forgotten. In football, what happened in the past stays in the past and I have not been able to fully motivate my people."

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