Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was delighted with their victory over Osasuna.

Real celebrated the morning kickoff with a 7-1 rout.

Mourinho said: "We're playing well and giving serious performances. We've totally deserved these ten victories. I can't think of one we didn't deserve. Our hardest maybe was the one in San Sebastian, for which we fought very hard.

"We've done a great effort and didn't rely on luck. We've always given performances which were between good and very good. We want to win and play the best way possible.

"The first half was difficult. Osasuna were organised and defended well, using their two fast strikers to make things difficult for us. It was hard for us to get into the game, but we grew strong with our reaction to their equaliser.

"We controlled the match in the second half when they were one man down, but it's also much harder to be losing when you only have ten men. We scored seven goals and could have tallied eight or nine, but I believe Osasuna did well in the first half."