Spanish Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate football on Facebook.

Both clubs are a step ahead of their English rivals when it comes to their approach to social media.

Top ten most popular clubs on Facebook:

1. FC Barcelona (Spain) with 36,619,000 "likes"

2. Real Madrid (Spain) with 32,858,000 "likes"

3. Manchester United (England) with 28,533,000 "likes"

4. Chelsea (England) with 13,762,000 "likes"

5. AC Milan (Italy) with 12,206,000 "likes"

6. Arsenal (England) with 11,778,000 "likes"

7. Liverpool (England) with 10,529,000 "likes"

8. Galatasaray (Turkey) with 7.581 million "likes"

9. Fenerbahçe (Turkey) with 6.099 million "likes"

10. Bayern Munich (Germany) with 5.279 million "likes"