Reading's Hunt: I won't speak to Cech

Reading midfielder Stephen Hunt won't speak to Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech tomorrow night.

The pair have yet to make peace after their horror clash last October, which left Cech suffering from a fractured skull.

Hunt, 26, said: "I have not spoken to him and I won't.

"That is not meant to be rude, it is forgotten now and we move on. I approach every game as normal.

"We will line up and shake hands but that is it. I just look forward to the game.

"Unfortunately, the incident made so many headlines and I guess a lot of people were asking, 'Who is he?'

"But by the end of the season I think I made a name for myself as a footballer.

"The incident won't take anything away from what Reading players have achieved.

"It was hard to deal with at the time and the manager left me out for a few games.

"But I came back and played well for the rest of the term.

"I am glad things have boiled down a bit now."

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