Reading goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann is looking forward to facing in-form Manchester United ace Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Right now, he's hot. No question," Hahnemann told The Times. "A couple of my buddies hate him but I love watching him play. He's so quick, you can't get the ball off him, he's got everything. He's big in America, he's big everywhere.

"We know we're supposed to lose and, sure, I'm probably going to be one of the busiest players on the pitch, but it's not just about stopping one guy. With United, they have so many great players. You can go through the whole team.

"Then you look at their subs' bench, who they're going to bring on, and you think, 'Jeez. Here we go again'. We know we're going to have to play above our ability. We've got to do all the dirty work and run around like crazed chickens."