Reading boss Brian McDermott knows they'll have to keep Eden Hazard quiet tonight if they're to upset Chelsea.

Hazard is expected to start against the Royals.

He said: "Everyone in Europe knew what a talent he was going to be. How old is he? Just 21? He's incredible.

"I went to see Chelsea's game at Wigan on Sunday and he was terrific. Not just him but also Juan Mata, you saw the little interplays between the two of them - and then they could bring on Oscar too.

"It seems like he's a good lad and is going to handle the physicality of the League no problem. I gather he's said he isn't frightened of being kicked out of the Premier League, but you can't do that now anyway.

"Going back to when I played you could, but in this day and age, thank God, there isn't a place for it. Make one tackle now and you get booked. In a way that's why the flair players thrive and that's a good thing."