Reading boss Steve Coppell blew his top after their 7-4 defeat by Portsmouth.

Coppell snapped when "second season syndrome" reared its head.

"I'm fed up with the f****** thing," fumed Coppell. "Shove it up wherever.

"I've had 17 million questions about second season syndrome.

"It's just f****** hard whether it's the first season, second season or third season."

Reading leaked four at home to Liverpool in the Carling Cup last week and Coppell admits his success at the club does not make him immune from the threat of the sack.

He said: "Your life is determined by results. If you win it's a lovely world. If you lose it's your fault.

"If we lose, I'll be judged poorly, disparagingly and if I don't do something about it, things will happen.

"If you don't get results you're not a manager for long."