Ray Winstone: West Ham need Dicks back to kick the s*** out of ’em!

West Ham United celebrity fan Ray Winstone admits it's been a struggle following his Hammers this season.

But Winstone believes he has the answer to their troubles.

"We should revert to playing British football instead of all this European tarting about. Crush, kill, destroy. And wear tight shorts," the Hollywood movie star told the Daily Mail.

"I think we should phone up Julian Dicks and get him back because, if we did go down, at least he’d kick the s*** out of everyone. Proper geezer.

"At least I’d be happy with that. Let’s have a bit of pride here. He could play football as well."

Winstone added: "For me, this season mirrors 2002-03 when we had Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and the rest and everyone said, 'We’re too good to go down'.

"We weren’t. But this time, I do believe we have the heart. I see players playing their heart out every week. But it’s just that little bit of confidence that’s missing.

"We’re frightened to go that extra bit and push on. There was a lot going on at the club when we were relegated in 2003. The club was being raped.

"It was very similar to what was going on at the beginning of the season, but now we’ve had Gianfranco Zola come in, the little Italian boy, and he knows his football.

"People go on about him but he’s at a club that’s been stripped."

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