The American winger scored his first competitive goal for Rangers to ensure a 1-0 win in the Pod Goricom stadium in Montenegro last night. But his evening was soured by monkey noises emanating from the home section. Jean-Claude Darcheville was also targeted.

UEFA's official delegate, Jean-Marie Philipe, has informed Rangers that he has included the racist abuse in his report, along with the water bottles and lighter that were thrown on to the pitch after Zeta were denied a penalty by referee Paolo Dondarini.

"Yeah, I heard a little bit," he said after scoring his 81st minute winner to give Rangers a 3-0 aggregate win. "It should not still be in football and it sickens me. It kills the game of football for everybody. I have had the monkey noises before at PSV Eindhoven when I went to Belgrade. It's terrible it is still in football but FIFA are doing things to stamp it out."

Beasley is happy to assist UEFA with any investigation and Rangers will support their new signing.

"I took action against Red Star three years ago and will do so again if the club ask me to," he said. "We filed a complaint against Red Star three years ago but nothing came out of it. The penalties are in place now."