A Rangers diehard had his house painted green and white by his Celtic friends. David Devanna went on holiday to celebrate his birthday and retuned home to find a green and white property.

The Edinburgh Evening News reports that 'friends' hung a banner reading "Hoopy 25th birthday" across the windows of his property, but didn't stop there.

His vehicles, lawn, garden hedge, and wheelie-bin were all decked in Celtic colours.

Devanna explained: "I knew something was going to happen while I was away and I have just had to laugh it off because they had clearly gone to a lot of effort. Payback is sweet though and I have something planned!"

Friend Gregor Todd explained: "About four or five of us came up with the idea to paint David's property green and white because he is such a diehard Rangers fan. Even his mother was involved in this one, it looked awesome and I think it was a work of art.

"As we were painting, passers-by would stop and have a look and some would come over to ask what we were doing. As soon as we explained it was for a Rangers fan on his birthday they just laughed and moved on."