"We have surprised a lot of people with some of the results we have had, maybe including ourselves; now we just have to come up with one more," said Smith. "We will have to approach it slightly differently to the way we have the previous games. There is an onus on you in the final to win the game but we will do so from a familiar basis.

"It would be folly for us to get away from the formula that has been so successful for us. The circumstances are often dictated to you. We went to Panathinaikos and lost a goal knowing that we had 40 minutes to keep to our system, knowing that a goal would be good enough for us to go through on the away goals rule. We made the late push and fortunately we got the goal for it.

"You do not get that situation in a one-off final so, at different stages, the requirement can change."

Smith also remarked: "It will be a big thing for any team to win the UEFA Cup.

"Some excellent teams have won it recently and it would be a big thing for us in our own right. It is not the kind of thing that happens that often, so they will want to make history for themselves.

"They have done so already on the basis of getting to the final, but we want to make the most of it. It doesn't mean everything will be hunky-dory. There will be a lot of problems to overcome on the night, but the players have handled themselves well so far."