Rangers best team in country - Cuellar

Rangers are the best team in the country, insists defender Carlos Cuellar.

"I feel that we have got the best team in the country at the moment," he said. "We have got a really good level of play, so I think we can win the league. It is a shame that some games have been postponed, but I don't think it is a problem for us. We continue to train well and we feel ready to continue the way we were playing.

"It doesn't matter how many games we have to play over the next few weeks. It is fine, because the team is well prepared physically for those games and as far as I'm concerned, the more games the better because we like playing.

"If we can win this game in hand against Gretna, then it will really make a difference and allow us to go forward with confidence at the top of the league. We will obviously feel more settled in that position with a bigger advantage."

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