QPR midfielder Shaun Derry has rapped Adel Taarabt.

Derry says Taarabt must change his attitude.

He told talkSPORT: "I've been at QPR for three years now and whenever anyone asks me about what it's like at QPR, within five minutes people will ask me about Adel Taarabt because he's one of those characters. He's one of the players who people just can't work out.

"I thought I could work him out, but I can't. I've played a number of games with Adel and all I say for him, and I tell him to his face, he could be whatever he wants to be.

"At the minute he's not in the team. He should be in the team because he's got fantastic ability but only he and his mental state can get himself back into this football club.

"He can play at whatever level he wants to play at. He really is that good but you've got to prove it and you've got to have the right mentality to go out onto the football pitch. Your ability can only get you to a certain level. It's what's upstairs that gets you everywhere else."