QPR vice-chairman Amit Bhatia says their long-term plans revolve around manager Mark Hughes.

The Rs have big plans about overhauling the club's facilities and structure.

"We are trying to take our club to the next level and Mark is central to all that," Bhatia told the London Evening Standard. "We are moving forward with a new training facility, working with the architects and designers and Mark is very important in that process.

"We want to invest in the academy and youth system. I don't have that experience but we have a long-term vision and Mark is central to all those decisions.

"Our scouting system isn't up to par, the infrastructure isn't good - we need more medical people. We have a shortage of masseurs. He is walking us through all of these ideas. We are going to set new rules at the football club: how people dress, what time they show up, what time they leave. All of these are being rewritten at the moment.

"Setting targets is counter-productive. We were stupid enough to say 'promotion in four years'. There is no new four-year plan. It is about getting a better infrastructure, a more respected club, a bigger fanbase and playing more attractive football. It would be frivolous to talk about a second four-year plan as we know football now."