QPR boss Neil Warnock admits the boo-boys at Sheffield United almost convinced him to give away football altogether.

Even now, some say Warnock is on ­borrowed time in football, but at least now he is in a position to make that decision himself.

He told the Sunday Mirror: "Obviously if you lose ten games in succession you expect to lose your job and ­rightfully so. But I always wanted control over my ­departure from ­football.

"When I resigned from Sheffield United after we were relegated from the Premier League I ­decided to get out of football ­completely.

"A minority group of supporters talked me into the ­decision. I didn't want to sour things so it was the right time to get out. I would have taken Sheffield United straight back up but I also knew that if I lost a few games the same minority group of fans would be out in the car park smashing bottles and demanding my head."