QPR boss Harry Redknapp is shocked by the bust-up between Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini and Mario Balotelli.

Redknapp reckons Manchester City striker Balo "crossed the line" and showed a lack of respect by grappling with his manager.

But he also says Mancini should have handled the situation better and not allowed himself to get involved in the bust-up with one of his players.

Redknapp, 65, said: "He's a top manager but you can't get like that with players now. You can't be doing all that shouting and screaming at them.

QPR boss admits even he - one of the best man-managers in the game - could not manage Mario

"It probably used to happen years and years ago, managers would be throwing cups and all that. But those days are long gone, you don't get any anywhere behaving like that towards players now. You lose their respect."