QPR boss Harry Redknapp says England's U21 embarrassment shows their players have no idea how to play the game!

Redknapp wrote in The Sun: "Being smashed out of sight at a major international tournament is the same old story.

"I remember watching our promising English stars get badly beaten up in Denmark at the last Under-21 Euros as well.

"OK, so there were players missing this time. So what? We still had a team full of Premier League talent on parade - but what a disaster.

"I am passionate about the England team at all levels and get terribly disappointed when I see us perform so abjectly against other countries when we have such great individuals.

"But the overriding problem we all face is that English football must change.

"And it has to come from the very top of the game. That means manager Roy Hodgson getting involved with coaches at every level working in the same direction.

"We do not know how to play football. We just boot the ball up the pitch and it gets us nowhere."