QPR boss Harry Redknapp can't believe Chelsea will allow Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard to rundown their contracts.

Redknapp wrote in The Sun: "Age is just a number as far as I am concerned - and I don't mean a number on a bank balance sheet.

"There's been a lot said about Chelsea's 32-year-old defender Ashley Cole being told the club would offer only a one-year deal to anyone over 30.

"And while I can understand why some clubs pursue a policy of getting 'older' players off their books, it must never happen at the expense of hurting the team.

"For me, it would be total madness to get rid of the likes of Frank Lampard, who is 34, John Terry, 32, and Cole.

"Whatever superstars Chelsea have, and they have many - Mata, Hazard and Ramires to name three - Lampard, Terry and Cole remain the backbone of the Chelsea team."