QPR boss Harry Redknapp has launched a furious attack on the Swansea City ball-boy involved in the incident with Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

Charlie Morgan, 17, son of Swansea director Martin Morgan, was kicked by Chelsea's Hazard during Swans' League Cup semi-final second leg.

Hazard was sent off but QPR manager Redknapp rounded on Morgan instead - saying other players would have kicked him harder.

He said "I saw on the TV the boy was tweeting before the game that he was a super time-waster. I thought it was disgusting the way he behaved.

"Why was the kid lying on the ball? Imagine the frustration, you are trying to get to a final and there is this kid behaving like an idiot lying on the ball.

"He didn't kick the kid, he kicked the ball.

"The whole thing got blown out of proportion. I can think of players that would have kicked a bit harder than what he did."