Pulis defends his Stoke tactics: We're changing

Stoke City boss Tony Pulis insists he's not one dimensional.

Stoke City boss Tony Pulis insists he's not one dimensional.

Pulis, 55, insists he is no one-trick pony on his way to the knackers’ yard and claims the changes he wants to make cannot be pushed through overnight.

He said: “A lot people have an opinion about my style and, yes, I do like to move the ball quickly.

“My preference is to play with width and have people down the sides with pace. I want us to get the ball out to players who can excite the crowd.

“I want to encourage wingers to run down the pitch and get crosses in and I like to see centre-forwards in the box putting those chances away.

“But it’s about who you can afford to bring in.

“If I had an open chequebook and someone said you can have Cristiano Ronaldo AND Gareth Bale, people of that ilk, fine — they would suit my style brilliantly. But we’re Stoke City and we work within a budget we can afford.

“You don’t just wake up one morning and say ‘We’re changing our entire style of playing today. It takes time for a club to evolve — three, four, maybe even five years in some cases.

“You can’t just sign two players and say we’re a different side now.

“It’s like turning the QE2 — it has to be done gradually."

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