Enrico Preziosi is resigning as Genoa president, just days after winning their return to Serie A.

"I am tired of being attacked and do not want to bring further harm to the club, so I could resign as President of Genoa," said the toy tycoon.

Although he is prepared to step down as President, it would not mean abandoning the Grifone just as they prepare to re-enter calcio's elite.

"I would still be patron of the club, but hand the day-to-day reins over to Giambattista Pastorello. It'd be a situation much like at Inter when Massimo Moratti handed the Presidency to Giacinto Facchetti," he added.

"I have many things still to do here, but this is a decision I took two years ago. The demotion into C1 made some thing this was the end for Genoa, but that was not the case and over time everyone understood the meaning of my phrase: I do not give up."