The Premier League insist they have no plans to ask UEFA to move the venue of the Champions League final if two English sides are involved.

At least one English side - Chelsea or Liverpool - will be in the final in Moscow on May 21 and there will be security concerns if Manchester United also get there, but the Premier League have strenuously denied a report that they will approach UEFA.

A Premier League spokesman said: "We have no plans to write to UEFA regarding the venue of the Champions League final.

"It is their competition and we are entirely confident in their ability to stage the final in Moscow regardless of the clubs involved.

"However, if there are two English clubs in the final we would be perfectly happy, at UEFA's invitation, to discuss any ticketing or security issues where they feel our experience may be helpful."

There is no chance of UEFA moving the venue anyway as months or preparation have gone into staging the match itself and a related festival will be held in the days leading up to the final.