Premier League action drew a global audience of 4.7 BILLION people last season.

Global demand to watch stars from Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal is at a new peak.

Figures released by a leading sports business consultancy reveal that 70 per cent of ALL football fans worldwide are now watching the English game.

The report, commissioned by the Sport+Markt group in Germany, shows that TV coverage of the Premier League reached 643million homes last season - a rise of 11 per cent on the previous season.

The in-home TV audience has now stretched to a record 3.9bn, with a further 777m watching in pubs and bars in every corner of the planet. The biggest market for the English game is in the Asia and Oceania region, where 1.3bn viewers tuned in to watch the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea in 2010-11.

The figures estimate 64 per cent of all Chinese fans now support a Premier League club, while half the football followers in the USA have a favourite English team.