Former Reading winger Glen Little is happy to skip his summer hols to prepare for preseason at Portsmouth.

He said: "It's summer, all the other footballers are on their holidays, but I've been down the gym. Not that I mind. After missing most of last season I wanted to carry on playing when it ended so instead I've been keeping up my fitness work.

"I had plenty of time off while injured so I hardly need a break anyway. It's just about getting a base for me to push on from next season. Ever since the season ended, from Monday to Friday I've been doing running and other bits and bobs down the gym. It's nothing major, it's all good for me.

"It's something I always intended to do, even if I had stayed at Reading. I didn't just want to sit about having a break I didn't need, that didn't make any sense. I came back from injury towards the end of last season and played a couple of games. For me, after that, it was always important to carry that on.

"There's no point in having another two months break. I wanted to keep doing what I'm doing and making sure I'm okay. Not having a holiday doesn't bother me. I'm staying at home the whole of the summer. To me this is more important."