The former Arsenal and England skipper insists he wants to remain working with Harry Redknapp's side until the end of the season.

The 42 year old said: "I've not spoken to anybody. No-one's talking to me and I'm not talking to them.

"The first I heard about QPR was when Harry said he didn't think it's true. I've even been linked with Chelsea with Avram (Grant), as his assistant manager - can you believe that?

"I feel very honoured. I suppose it's a bit of recognition for what I'm doing here. People may be saying 'Portsmouth might be in Europe, what's happened down there?'

"But I've told Harry I'll do another year here and I'll honour that. Other people do what they want. They've got their own values, standards, whatever.

"But as far as I'm concerned I looked Harry in the eye and said I would be here another year and that's what I'll do."