Portsmouth goalkeeper David James is keeping his head down at home after his FA Cup heroics.

James has swapped life in Devon for Southampton, although more for convenience than culture.

He told The News: "I don't live too far from Southampton and the amount of people going to the game and giving me a bit of stick before was incredible. I haven't heard from them since. I think that says enough.

"I'm certainly not going to visit West Quay for a while. Still, it was an awesome feeling and it was great to skipper the side on the day.

"Some of our fans were talking before the game, which was interesting. They were shouting out 'This is the important one, Jamo'.

"We knew it, though. As much as the scoreline suggested we battered them. It was a close game for most of it. Through some staunch defending and very cute attacking we managed to overpower them and in the end won it quite comfortably.

"Watching back the video for post-match analysis, you could see for 62 minutes it was very tough. We weathered the storm in the first half and in the second half had our lot behind us, so every time Southampton attacked we could hear our fans rather than theirs. It was great.

"Everything was right about the occasion. The fact it wasn't a 3pm kick-off. The fact it was given the higher ranking virtue of it being a live game. The fact it was a derby we hadn't seen for five years. Everything was there and it was a fantastic day."