Portsmouth no longer a selling club

Portsmouth executive chairman Peter Storrie has said: "Let's make it abundantly clear, there will be no more players sold.

"We do not to sell any more players. Jermain wanted to go so he went and I can assure you he is the only one.

"Everyone else is perfectly happy at the football club."

Pompey are believed to have pocketed £35million from selling Diarra and Defoe to help reduce the club's significant debts.

Storrie added: "You want to keep a player like Jermain Defoe but clearly his head had been turned.

"When you get in that situation sometimes you can persuade players to stay - other times it is quite clear they have no intention of changing their mind.

"With Jermain his mind was made up - he wanted to go. Of course it was disappointing but there was nothing we could do about it.

"In the end we got a good deal for him. Effectively we got him on loan for a year and have made £6 million in the process.

"But that is it. None of the others will be leaving. We are now concentrating on bringing others in and strengthening the squad."

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