Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp says his summer spending hasn't ended with the £11 million capture of Liverpool striker Peter Crouch.

Redknapp said: "We are always looking to improve and we will see where we go - we keep looking around.

"If you are competing in the UEFA Cup as well, there are a lot of matches. We need strength in depth.

"You can end up playing every Thursday and Sunday and players are going to get injured or need a rest at some stage.

"There are a few positions we need strengthening and Peter (Storrie, chief executive) will be seeing what we can do."

Storrie added: "With Peter's arrival, we now have four England players here and if Sol gets back in the set-up that will make five.

"What with all this talk about foreigners ruining the England team, we are trying to do our bit. Maybe the England manager needs to buy a season ticket down here."