Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp is ready to hit back at police after his arrest last week.

The Times says Redknapp is vowing to take legal action over the treatment he has received from the police and the press as a result of the ongoing investigation into allegedly suspect transfer dealings.

Redknapp has not been charged, but after the police, accompanied by press photographers, carried out a dawn raid on his home 12 days ago, his reputation, he believes, has been tarnished. This was underlined by an unseemly run-in with the Villa fans on Saturday and Redknapp will not let the matter lie.

"I'm still uptight about what's gone on because it's been a disgrace what's happened to me, a disgrace," Redknapp said. "I'm disgusted [with] the way I've been treated, I really am. I'm taking it all the way, for sure. I'm not laying back. No way am I going to stand back and let what's happened to me happen. Not a chance. I will take it all the way."