Wigan Athletic goalkeeper Mike Pollitt has revealed Manchester City No1 Joe Hart could be playing at the DW!

Pollitt wrote in the Wigan Observer: "It's not common knowledge, but Joe nearly came to Wigan a few years ago.

"When I first signed, and John Filan was already here, we were trying to get a young goalkeeper on board as well.

"I remember (coach) Gary Walsh telling me he'd been down to Shrewsbury a few times to see a young lad, and I asked what he was like.

"He told me he was a brilliant goalkeeper, but he seemed a bit cocky - and I suppose he does have that look about him.

"Anyway the club wouldn't pay the money Shrewsbury were after - it was a lot for a lad so young, especially someone who'd only ever played in League Two - and he eventually went to Manchester City."