Lukas Podolski is happy Arsenal are locked in talks for Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain. German star Podolski, who cost £11m from Cologne 12 months ago, is determined to fight for a spot against the likes of Higuain and French frontman Olivier Giroud.

Podolski, 28, insisted to The Sun: "It is always good when good players come in. I don't worry about a specific player. And it is certainly not a problem.

"I am strong enough and I have qualities. And when good players come in, I will play with good players.

"Every season players come in and players go. But I think it is good news if top players come in.

"The hope is that this season Arsenal will be at the top of the league. English football, thankfully, is not like Spain where you only have two teams - Barcelona and Real Madrid - who fight at the top.

"In the Premier League you have five, six, even seven top, top teams.

"It is very difficult but I know that Arsenal are one of those top teams who will be involved. You don't know how the season will work out. A few of the other teams all have new managers so it is difficult to say.

"But they will be strong and equally, Arsenal will be strong."