Regions covered by the proposals included western Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Townsville.

Other proposals received included three groups seeking to have the second Melbourne license, two vying for the western Sydney license and one covering Wollongong and the NSW south coast.

"The number of proposals we have received reflects the momentum behind the growth and development of the A-League," FFA boss Ben Buckley said.

The A-League expansion sub-committee will consider the Melbourne, western Sydney and Wollongong proposals further, and will determine a process and time-frame to award further licenses.

The FFA has stated that the A-League has the capacity to grow from its current eight teams to be at least a 12-team competition.

"When and where we expand the competition is measured simply by whether it is right for football, right for the existing A-League clubs, right for the new clubs and right for the local community," Buckley said.