Philadelphia Union head coach John Hackworth has defended the clubs decision to release three of their winter signings.

Alex Mendoza, Damani Richards and Stephen Okai all joined the Union during the MLS offseason but have since been cut without playing a competitive match despite Hackworth talking up their chances.

The Union boss, however, was quick to protect himself from negative feedback after waiving the trio last week.

"It's interesting that we're talking about the preseason and getting ready for opening day and you guys are more concerned about three guys that are not on our team and not in the picture," Hackworth said.

"When we pick a player and announce him, whether it's a signed player or a drafted player, I don't know what you guys want me to do besides talk about their good qualities. I'm certainly not going to draft a player and say that he stinks just so when I release him later on you guys don't write an article about it."

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