Parma coach Roberto Donadoni has urged Sebastian Giovinco to stay.

The Atomic Ant is co-owned by Juventus and Parma, proving crucial in keeping the Ducali in Serie A this season with 14 goals.

"I hope he will stay, because I'd really enjoy training him again," the Coach told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Giovinco is so strong and can still improve a great deal. At this moment, he is second to no-one and can become one of the greats here.

"He is a good lad with his head firmly on his shoulders. I was in his same position when I moved from Atalanta to Milan. Before deciding, I consulted with the Atalanta directors and found the best solution.

"If Giovinco wants to ask for my opinion, then I am here for him. In these situations often players and agents only consider the economic aspect, but instead every element has to be pondered carefully. An entire career is in the balance here, it takes real thought.

"I can see Giovinco being a protagonist at Euro 2012. He has to understand to always work hard, which means never resting on your laurels. That is the difference between a good player and a world class one."