Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew is happy with their transfer policy not to splash out on a big name star.

It is a deliberate ploy to shy away from expensive marquee names and Pardew believes it is a positive development.

"I wouldn't disagree (that the team is coming first)," he told the Sunday Sun.

"I think perhaps that's the best way, as well. With the likes of Ronaldo and Messi you have this fantastic individuals who can take you to another level in a good team. But you need the team first.

"Take Messi out of Barcelona and they're still a very good side - they might not be the best in Europe without him, I'm not sure they are - but that is what those top players can do.

"Whether we can unearth one, whether Hatem is one of those to us or Sammy Ameobi is or Demba Ba - I've no idea. That's to come. But where we are at the minute, we're a good team."